Week 16: Wrapping It Up

CSIT 155 has given me a brand new perspective of social media. Social media marketing is so much more than just posting content. It's about making your brand/business stand out among the rest. The content a business posts must be carefully done so it reflects the values and personality of the brand. This class has taught me which social media platforms work best for my business. It has also taught me the importance of scheduling my content ahead of time, observing my analytics, and being strategic with the posts I create. Analytics became one of my favorite things to look at in this course. Before taking this class, I posted very little because I didn't feel confident in my posts. I never looked at my analytics and I often wondered why my content wasn't getting enough views/likes/comments/etc. Throughout this course, I am proud to say that I am much more confident and strategic with the content I post on social media. I never thought that I would create a Facebook page for

Week 15 Post 2: Marketing Strategy Rough Draft

  Monthly Schedule I plan to make Sundays my day to schedule my content for the week. I also plan to use this day to create my Instagram and Twitter content for the week. This content will then be scheduled to their respective times. The days and times for when I post my content are listed below. I still plan to be active on Facebook; however, the content will be linked posts from my Instagram account. For Tiktok, I plan on creating content on Sundays and Wednesdays. Because the content can only be 15-60 seconds, I believe that creating the content should not take too long. I would give myself about an hour to create this content. I plan make a handful of videos so I could have at least two weeks worth of content. I would then save them as drafts and post them whenever I am ready to post them. With my Twitch channel, I don't really need to plan too much about what I post. I typically have games that I want to play ahead of time, making it easier for me to relax and game. Before I b

Week 15 Post 1: Marketing Plan

Throughout this course, I have learned so much about the effectiveness of social media platforms that represent your brand, engage your audience, and grow your audience. The big take-away from this class is that social media platforms are more than just apps you visit throughout the day. These have grown to be successful tools that can truly effect people and businesses for the better. This class has taught me how important it is to create purposeful content that shows your brand's mood and personality. These posts need to stay within the brand's personality, otherwise viewers/customers will be confused about the business's values. Social media strategies are so important and crucial to learn about. These strategies will grow your brand, cultivate your audience with thoughtful content, and create the right image for your business. For my type of business I plan to use Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter as my primary social media platforms. After exploring these platforms this se

Week 14 Post 2: Analyzing My Page Analytics

 Page insights overview (last 28 days):   All publish post:                                         Based on my analytics from the past month, I noticed that my posts are not as frequent as they should be. Since I am not posting often, I am missing out on potential viewers viewing and liking my page. My lack of content is also causing me to miss out on opportunities of reaching more people with my posts and new followers. Because of work, I have had a difficult time creating content and posting it right away on my social media platforms. I need to be more consistent with posting content on my Facebook page. I plan to use the scheduling feature more often so I can constantly provide content for my target audience. One thing that really surprised me was that my post engagement has gone up about 28%. The two posts that seem to have the most engagements were a selfie of me advertising that I was live on Twitch and the other was a promotional picture of my PS5 unboxing (which was also recor

Week 14 Post 1: Social Media Analytics

     Analytics play a big role in tracking how a business is performing. These analytics display information regarding how well a business is doing, what promotional aspects need to be improved, and how well the posts are being received by social media users. Businesses use these analytics to determine their next move in promoting their products/services.      Throughout this semester, I have used the "Insights" feature on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see observe my analytics. The "Insights" display how much reach I am receiving with my content, how many users interacted with my content, how many followers are seeing my content, etc. I have also used Google Analytics to analyze my business's progress. Google Analytics is free to use and includes tons of features that allow you to see how well your business is doing. These features include tracking engagement, monetization, retention, and which pages get the most views.    In Google Analytics, businesses a

Week 13 Post 2: Jumpingkellybean Advertisements

     Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week.       For my advertisements I decided to use Instagram and Twitter because these are the top two platforms I use the most for social media marketing. I feel like because my channel is still small, brand awareness is the best objective to focus on for my advertisements. If my advertisements are successful, I should be able to reach a whole new group of viewers, followers, and hopefully subscribers.      I tried to be as specific as possible with the target audiences for the advertisements. I used video for Instagram because I felt like it would do well on this platform, being that it is a visual based platform. For my Twitter ads, I used a gif and an icon that best highlight my personality and brand.      For my Instagram ad, I chose to use a clip from one of my old streams. The clip has a comedic moment in it and also showcases a bit of my personality. Here is a preview of what it would look like on Instagram stories. I a

Week 13 Post 1: Online Advertising Analysis

     Advertising on social media is very common in today's technological world. With users signing up for social media platforms every day, businesses are making the move from traditional advertisements to advertising on these platforms. This week I analyzed the types of advertisements that are posted on Facebook and other forms of social media.     Businesses have gained an advantage of reaching more customers/clients online that they normally wouldn't if they used traditional advertising. Thanks to the social media algorithms, businesses have had an easier time to promote themselves on social media. Facebook makes advertising beneficial for both the user and the business. From the users' standpoint, users have the option of removing any advertisements that do not apply to them. This is excellent because it prevents users from getting annoyed with advertisements they don't want to see. From the businesses' standpoint, Facebook allows businesses to pay for ad space