Week 4 Post 1: Differences in Target Market

This week, we are diving into target markets and determining how they are taken into consideration in business websites. The set I chose to analyze was Set Two: Subway and Hungry Bear. Let's take a look at their similarities and differences between these two businesses!SubwaySubway is a nation-wide sandwich franchise. Subway appears to appeal to people who enjoy healthy foods at a low price. On their home page, they have a section about eating better. In the past former Subway sponsor, Jared, advertised Subway as a healthy option for customers to enjoy while losing weight eating it. The "Eat Better" page goes into deeper detail about the nutritional value of Subway foods, an allergen list, and displays where the food comes from. One thing that caught my eye was that Subway is the official sandwich sponsor of the NFL. With this partnership, Subway's demographic could also consist of both football fans and players. When you click on the partnership information on the h…

Week 3 B: Developing Your Brand

I am using my Twitch channel as my business for class. My content is solely entertainment through the medium of video games. Viewers hop into the stream to watch me play something new for the first time, or to hear my input on the game. I do not have a logo for my brand. I believe that I am the face of the brand; however I do have emotes and icons that viewers can use when they are subscribed to the channel. One icon that viewers enjoy using is an animated image of me with a shocked expression on my face. This was inspired because I tend to make this shocked expression during my play throughs live on stream. You can find this icon below. The second icon is another viewer favorite.

My tagline would have to be my Twitch username: Jumpingkellybean. The name "Jumpingkellybean" came to mind when I was thinking of something fun and playful to have as a username. The "jumping" part of the name came about when I was thinking of alliteration for my username. The idea was t…

Week 3 Part A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Penny Juice:Home page looked very busy (too many colors, tons of information all at once)Too much text (very wordy)Hard to determine what to read firstPenny Juice is a juice company geared towards childcare. When I first visited the site, I was a little overwhelmed with what to look at first. The colors were extremely bright and I noticed a variety of fonts being used. The color scheme is definitely inviting to children, but I didn't think that the colors blended well with each other. The website had a lot of information displayed on their home page, which made it difficult to determine where to look first. The site also was very wordy. Since there was a lot of words displayed, I really did not feel interested in reading everything that was written on the page.

I believe that this site has potential be seen as professional but with the font variety and color scheme, it does not give off a professional feel. The site seems to focus more on the children as their target audience of si…

Week 2 Comments

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Week 2 B: Business Research

Hello everyone!
I am a Twitch streamer when I am not studying and working and would love to make content creation a full-time business further down the line. Below, I researched content creators that I highly look up to. I analyzed how they use social media, what seems to work for them, and their numbers for the social media accounts. Let's dive in!

Ashnichrist and
Ashley (Ashnichrist) is a partnered Twitch streamer and content creator that made her business by helping other streamers pursue their dreams in the industry. Her primary goal with her business is to help small streamers succeed in streaming as a source of income. With the knowledge she has learned over the years, she has created books and workbooks to help others succeed in the streaming industry. Her books provide all the information she had learned from branding, marketing, being an influencer, etc. She is also a successful Youtuber that shares tips and trick…

Week 2 Part A: Communication Between Business and Consumer

Before social media, businesses mostly communicated with their customers through the phone or by mail. There was not a certain place for customers to share their opinions or reviews of the business's product or service. Back then, customers would usually share their opinions on a telephone survey after they have been helped by the company's customer service. Today, customer service is much more personal and easier for customers to communicate with businesses. Social media makes it easier for people to get noticed or have their problem solved in a variety of ways. One tool I have noticed would be the search bar. By typing in certain terms or phrases, businesses are able to navigate through and see what is being said. With everyone on social media more often than usual, it is very easy for someone to get noticed about anything. Websites such as Yelp have allowed customers to communicate with one another about their experiences with businesses. Businesses use this platform to det…

Week 1 Part B

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